2. End of Century is pleased to announce. “Generic Paradise” an exhibition by Stephen Zerbe.    Opening reception Friday, February 1st, from 7-9PM.  The show will run through February 28th. 


  3. End of Century is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of artist Ted Feighan. This show will feature several of Feighan’s recent works, comprised almost entirely of paper collage, and highlight the artwork of Monster Rally.

    The opening reception will be Friday the 18th from 6 - 9PM and will feature a 1-hour special performance by Monster Rally in our gallery space. A small amount of the out-of-print Monster Rally vinyl will be for sale at the opening while supplies last.

    The show will run for two and a half weeks.



  4. If you find yourself in Paris tomorrow Saturday, January 10th or throughout the rest of the month check out “Felman,” Ethan Cook’s upcoming exhibition at Galerie Jeanroch Dard.



    12.01.2013 - 16.02.2013


    13 rue des Arquebusiers
    75003 Paris I France


  5. "Weaving Language" Reading, Tuesday Jan. 15th, 7-9 

    End of Century is pleased to host a reading with artist Francesca Capone on Tuesday, January 15th, from 7-9PM. 

    Francesca will be reading selections from her book, Weaving Language, which was published on the occasion of her exhibition at End of Century. Regarding the book, Capone describes: 

    "The dictionary I published in conjunction with WEAVING LANGUAGE is a foundation for the work in the gallery. It explores structural similarities between writing and weaving. In its linking of symbols (such as colors and weaving methods) with semantics, the dictionary
    acts as a translation tool between the visual and the textual. Verbs are likened to woven structure, nouns and adjectives to color, prepositions to interlocking threads, and other qualities of language to respective aspects of textiles. Many choices are left open (for instance, the color red could have 84 possible semantic meanings) which provides the opportunity to strengthen the crafts of writing and weaving while investigating their relationship. The dictionary
    functions as a prompt and a multitude of variations are possible from resulting translations. The use of these structural principles becomes a mutually informing process for both crafts, inviting new possibilities for poems based on textiles, and vice-versa. Space is created for both forms to exist separately and in relation to each other, thus multiplying the ways in which the viewer experiences the work.” — Francesca Capone 

    The event also marks the launch of Francesca’s newest limited-edition publication, Weaving at the Moment. 

    Elise McMahon, a collaborator on the installation of the show, also collaborated on the concept and experience of the reading. http://elisemcmahonmade.com/

    Weaving Language the installation is currently showing at End of Century through January 17th http://www.endofcenturynyc.com/

    For further information about this event, please contact Claudia@endofcenturynyc.com

    Weaving Language is available for purchase here: 



  6. Academy Jewelry

    Launched by Rachel Albright in 2010, “Academy Jewelry was founded on a love for visual art, an interest in fashion, and a desire to combine the two. This ever-evolving jewelry line seeks to embolden simplicity and find the delicate balance between the organic and the avant-garde. All pieces are made entirely by hand in Richmond, Virginia and are a one-of-a-kind venture in art meeting accessory.” What more can we say?

    Photos and words courtesy of the designer. 


  7. Diner Journal Issue 23 now available in store and online


    Apricot + Hazelnut Biscotti, Coconut Macaroons, Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Marshmallow Fluff, Rugelach, Biscochitos, Apple Cider Caramels, Nutty Caramel Apples, Black Plum Pudding and many more…


  8. photographs by Amanda Dandeneau


    End of Century is pleased to announce Weaving Language, an exhibition of woven works and written words by Francesca Capone. 

    Opening Reception Friday, December 14th, 7-9pm

    Francesca Cara Capone is an artist, designer and writer currently working and living in New York City. She has studied at The Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, was a Teaching Assistant Resident at the Haystack Mountain School and has an upcoming residency at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. She has designed textiles and graphics for Marc by Marc Jacobs, The Greenhorns, threeASFOUR, Prince Ruth, Coach, M.Patmos and Carolina Amato. She instructs courses at 3rd Ward and Textile Arts Center.


  9. Like what you see?👀 Rita Liefhebber now for purchase online and in store😍 (at End Of Century)


  10. Inspired by natural motifs both familiar and unexpected, Martine Ali creates her designs in brass and dips each work in precious metals such as sterling silver, rose and yellow gold. They are then hand-finished by the designer creating a surface treatment that is unique to each piece.

    Orly Anan is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on objectification of past, present and future as a blended cultural artifact primed for new possibility.

    Music by Georgia Canal